加倍祝福 Double Blessing

            Good luck Just a very short sharing about my visitation to 2 places.  The 1st place I went was Wengang’s Aunt(Father’s sister) house. I have received some insinuation from satan Devil that I’m not a good daughter-in-law, why to be a good daughter-in-law has to be like a slave/maid.. I was so angry Baring teeth but also feel condemned.Sad At that moment, I really feel like crying. Crying Why am I so miserable? I know my spirit is not right, then when I quiet down myself, I continue to confirm with God’s word and God just said to me, ‘Don’t you know why you are here for? You just need to be yourself, you don’t have to pamper the people around you because your life is to bless people, not to pamper people.’ Yea, God’s is right! When I bid goodbye to everyone, Wengang’s aunt gave us a lot of nice goodies to bring back and send us off with a happy ending so this is my first blessing… Then I proceed to another visitation to my aunt (Father’s sister-in-law) house. Before I reached, I was told from my brother that there are 7 children at my aunt place and so I need to give 7 red packets. I realized I didn’t prepared enough red packet then I started to be very panic and complained, ‘Why this year so many children to give? Why so troublesome?’ Arrrgh….. I also question to God, ‘Why I have to be married? I don’t want to be married!’ Well, I know it sounds very stupid and childish… So I’ve no choice but to go to the nearest grocery shop to change some small notes. Anyway, before I left the house, I received some red packets from my 3 cousins and my aunt. Realized I’ve received more red packet than I gave to them. God understand me so well, I still have some benefit even though I don’t have children now.

So this is how I got my ‘Double blessing’. Hahaha.. Laughing

But the most blessed blessing was able to hear God’s loving voice which transcend all His peace and Joy which can diminish all satan insinuation.

我有个简单的分享关于我探亲的两个地方。第一个家我来到了玟钢的大姑妈的家。我突然得到魔鬼撒旦的暗示,说我不是一个好媳妇,为什么做一个好媳妇要像个奴隶/佣人一样…当时我又生气Baring teeth又很受控告Sad,在那时候,我真的很想哭 Crying,想着为什么我这么悲惨?! 其实我知道我的灵已经不对了, 继而我就安静自己下来,我继续确认上帝的话,上帝就对我说,‘你难道不知道你来这是为了什么吗?你只需要做你自己, 你不需要去娇贵你周围的人因为你的生命是要祝福人,不是要去娇贵人。我听了后,’ 哦,上帝说的真对!过后,当我要向他们说再见时,玟钢的大姑妈就给了我们很多好吃的食品带回家,送到门口后,我们大家同有个美好的结局,这是我第一个祝福…接着我们就去了我二伯母的家探亲. 在我还没到时,我的二哥发了个短信给我说二伯母的家有七个孩子,叫我准备七个红包钱,当时发现我不够红包钱时,就开始慌张和埋怨说,‘为什么今年这么多孩子要发?为什么这么麻烦?我也向上帝埋怨说,’为什么我要结婚?我不结婚就好了!’ 我知道听起来又笨又幼稚, 所以在没办法之下就去了一间靠近的杂货店来换取一些小现金。横竖, 在我还没离开我二伯母的家时,突然我的二伯母和我那三个堂姐给了我们红包钱,说他们永远当我是他们的小女孩,然后我发现我收到的红包钱已多过我给他们的孩子。上帝太了解我了,没有孩子竟然还有些利益。这是我得到的加倍‘祝福’. 哈哈哈.. Laughing


See my red packet I got today.. heehee…Big Grin 



and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the LORD is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. <Deuteronomy 31:20>

且爱耶和华─ 你的神,听从他的话,专靠他;因为他是你的生命,你的日子长久也在乎他。这样,你就可以在耶和华向你列祖亚伯拉罕、以撒、雅各起誓应许所赐的地上居住 。<申命記 30:20>

God‘s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. <Job 37:5>

发出奇妙的雷声;他行大事,我们不能测透。<約伯記 37:5 >

His voice was like the roar of rushing waters, and the land was radiant with his glory. <Ezekiel 43:2>

他的声音如同多水的声音;地就因他的荣耀发光。<以西結書 43:2 >


6 thoughts on “加倍祝福 Double Blessing

  1. Hey, you are really blessing others with chinese translation!

    I bet this effort you hv input is more than your effort in other things (studies, shopping)!

    • thanks.. actually i got this idea from my art teacher.. he sent me his blog which also has both in eng & chin and i also want to do the same… those who are poor in english can read the chinese.. 🙂

  2. Hee… yah I think this blog will be very welcome esp among those in China 🙂 and equips u to be well-versed in both languages!

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