Who is the most patient?

blog board Since I started my blog, it became more difficult because it has to put in more time and work in it. It has been always not an easy task for me to write a blog because my languages is quite weak. It always took almost 6-8 hours to do my blog each time and always have to check many times to confirm not much mistake in my writing, but end up still have many grammar and spelling mistakes after someone corrected me. Sometime I was wondering, those people who are good in English, can express it beautifully, have more juicy testimony and can do a better job, but why me? Is it just because I sent a weekly email to everybody so might as well I do a blog. But did everyone really read my email every week? Yes, my blog got many content but it took many hours to do, need to listen to the message again before editing the video, need to have full concentration on my sharing because it has to connect with the message, that’s why people may think my sharing is too intensive and becomes too boring. Then I also need to check on my spelling or grammar mistakes before I can send out, so I was quite exhausted after everything. Ok, so ‘Phew’, finally finished one task and what’s next? What do I gain after all the hard work each week?

Although in my heart I complained a lot, but I know it is God who wants me to do. Ok, since God wants me to do, so I wait patiently and see how God is going to bless me. So I wait and wait… hmm, but why my heart still has all these grievance and doubts. What does God wants to tell me? Definitely God has His perfect will, but what is it? 

ImpatientI’ve became more and more impatient, just when I’m going to give up, God suddenly sent someone to me and said to me that he can ‘smell the blood of Jesus Christ’ after reading my blog. At that time, I realized that I’m not doing all these alone, God is always by my side to lead me to write out each of my sharing, most importantly God favors me. It was very comforted and happy to be favor by God. Now I see why God has give me this blog, beside to bless people, most importantly God wants to bless me. All my sharing about my sins and my weaknesses is to let me see how the blood of Jesus Christ had saved me, cleansed me and how I’m loved by God, really it’s notGOD'S GRACE ENABLES ME.06 by works nor by my boast but by God’s grace. I can do many hours for my blog is by God’s grace. I can still be around in the Church and attend 4 meetings is by God’s grace. Even my blog has many mistakes and seems boring, God can still use my poor writing and boring sharing. Even if it’s only just one person can smell the blood of Jesus, this is the glory of God, this is what God wants me to gain and bless me. All this are by God’s grace. And I’m a silence type so God wants me to serve Him silently but at the end of the day, what I gain the most is the fruits He had already prepared for me. 🙂

patience I also realized another thing, be patient to God just as God is patient to me. When I think of my weaknesses, sometimes I wondered why God didn’t punish me harder after I made mistake, why sometime seems like God didn’t help me and let me suffer, actually through all my past failures until I served the Lord now as SIC in church, God is always waited patiently for me. He never blames me for complaining to him, never blames me for not doing well in serving Him, never blames me for my weaknesses, He just only waiting for me to return to Him (to the cross). God is not slow to fulfill His promises to me, but if I don’t return to Him (to the cross), He can’t fulfill it yet. Just like a father who wants to give the best to the son, but if the son don’t appreciate or don’t see the best, how He give to the son immediately?

So conclusion, God is the most patient person in the whole universe. Even if I fall again and again, He still waited patiently for me because I’m His beloved child, He loves me and wants to bless me. Well, because God is the most patient to me, forgive me for been impatient to Him, may I be more patient and humble before Him & not to doubt my God, my Father. May all my weaknesses I’ve written here be all glory to the Lord. During all the process, God will show me more the understand of His Love and the Paid All which was shared on Good Friday. Open-mouthed

In Peter 3:9 , it said: ‘The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’

Yes, God is not slow in keeping His promise, He is always patient to us and just wants us to return to the cross where everything had done and fulfilled.



5 thoughts on “Who is the most patient?

  1. Yes, my sister. To have the smell of blood is most impt, becoz that is only thing God looks at. One day, all success, glory, fame in this world will stop, and only those who speak abt Christ thru their weakness will shine in glory.
    And you shall see this all throughout yr lfe.

    U know sis, when u serve Christ thru yr life, yet nothing happens, and no one takes notice of it, that is the time when the enormous blessings of God are ACCUMULATING. Dun blink, these accumulation will burst in glory one day and u will see yr testimonies bless thousands and thousands, esp the lowly, brokenhearted, discouraged ones. During then, u will ask the Lord, “why give all these blessings to me Lord?”
    The Lord will only tell you: “Becoz when no one took notice, u STILL follow me.”

  2. Hi sis, your email always come timely.. This morning I was feeling down due to some happenings, but I really felt better after reading ur email on my way to work. N when I saw the email sent at 5am, I know that u gotta work hard into the middle of the night bcos god alr know what’s ahead and wants to b comforted right after. Our God is really a great God!

    • Ya God is so good to us. Actually I took very long…. nap on Sunday that’s why can’t sleep at night. :p Hmm.. now I see God didn’t let me sleep because He has His perfect will for this reason.. 🙂

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