蒙赦免多的人有福了!Blessed is the One Who is Forgiven Much!

My past failure and my bad background had always give me a lousiness and guiltiness feeling. Even though I’ve been a Christian for 17 years, this inner problems have not completely break free. Sometimes I grumbled to God, sometimes I depend on my own strength, and sometimes I don’t even want to face God because of these problems. To this extend, sometimes I also can’t love a person especially for those who are close to me because normally I don’t have much patient to them. I know I should love , but I just don’t have the strength to love. I know God loves me and had forgave me, but when accusation comes, I don’t have strength to reject it. So how? I’m I going to let myself rot because of all these problems.

Forgiven muchYes, through this message, God said if I’m forgiven much, I will have the strength to reject all these accusation and also have the strength to love much. But how to be forgiven much? Then, God convinces me that I must first accept the facts that Christ loves me, forgives me and had already solved all my problems. Since Christ already ‘Paid All’, then I tell myself, when these accusations come, which will I choose to believe? What will I want to first look at? Satan insinuation/accusation or God’s promised? I started to practice to look at God’s forgiveness first rather than my own conscience. Then *blink*, I see that God’s love and forgiveness are bigger than my problems;

1) The feeling of lousiness is getting lesser because I see my everything comes good from God and the more I want to earn His favor.

2) The feeling of guiltiness is getting lesser is because I see His understanding and forgiveness in me.

3) The unloving heart is getting lesser is because I see myself unworthy yet receive mercy by God.

* God had shown me His grace through all these.

Indeed when a person is able to be forgiven much, he/she is able to love much. Although sometime I still tends to look at my own weakness but when I really see myself as ‘无能’, really ‘nothing’ at all, I put down my own self/ego and follow God first. Then step by step, God’s grace will added more. I also see that His grace is unlimited because I see myself how i got to know Christ, how I got to know this gospel message and was blessed, how my family came to Christ one by one, how I have a nice husband, how my spirit is getting more healing, how I’m able to serve God despite my slowness, weakness and silence type, all these are God’s grace to me. But the most gracious thing is, how I’m loved and forgiven by God and now I’m able to ‘FIND REST IN HIM. 🙂

HeGivesStrengthLet us not to be discourage and put our hope in Jesus Christ who had already loved us and forgiven us. He is our Lord, our Father, any problems, just put down our own self and run to Him (Love, compassion, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness…). Even if we are weak, God is always gracious to us, what He see is not our perfection but how we are forgiven much and receive His strength (through the cross) to enjoy true liberty. Surely our God will greatly bless us beyond our request and imagination.


是的,接着这个信息,上帝说如果我被赦免多,我就有能力拒绝这些控告感和甚至有能力爱多。不过要怎么被赦免多呢?后来,上帝感动我叫我首先必须要接受的事实是:耶稣已爱我,饶恕我,甚至已经解决了我所有的问题。竟然上帝已经为我‘还清’一切,我就告诉我自己,当这些控告来时,我会选择相信或看哪个呢?-》撒旦的控告/暗示还是上帝的应许?我开始学习先仰望上帝的饶恕而不是我自己的良心。然后 *眨眼间*,我看到上帝的爱和祂的饶恕已大过我的问题了;




* 这所有一切显示了上帝给我的恩典。




He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all
—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?
<Romans 8:32>


Special Easter Day Message 复活节特别信息:

Video:  http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Video/1014-EasterDay-04Apr10-ZS.html

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Audio/ZS/1014-SunSrv-04Apr10-ZS.mp3


4 thoughts on “蒙赦免多的人有福了!Blessed is the One Who is Forgiven Much!

  1. Isn’t it great to have a Father who loves you and is interested in every detail of your life, from the background you grew up to your talents which you are beginning to uncover now? Hallelujah!

    What you cannot do to redeem yourself through the law, he did by sending his son to die for you, so that you will be forever righteous and loved by Him. Will you love God less if you understood the magnitude of his love and what he did for you? Impossible! Hallelujah!

  2. Hi sis, can see this short clip is quite special, as in it takes little clips here and there and it really brought out the gist of the message! I can see you are really putting in your best effort in doing up the videos! I want to ask my friends to come visit your blog!

    God is anointing you more and more as you share true testimonies of struggles you went through in more depth each time. 🙂

    • Ya, took quite a lot of time to do.. at first I complained and complained a lot and even want to give up, but once I humble before God and found favor by God… so after all it’s benefits me the most.. I think we all open our blog, each of us has different styles and different anointing from God. Though different styles, it cater to different needs too.. At the end, we’ll see big harvest. 🙂

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