当恩典显大,凡事都能 When Grace Abounds, All Things Are Possible

Grace of crossGrace is always around us but many times we are unable to see and abound in our Christian life because we have no grace in our spirit. I think I‘m quite neglected God’s grace in my life. When problems come, I was immediately affected by it (inferiority, worries, accusation…) and continue to see my current situation and my unworthy condition. From this message, I realized grace is actually more than what we imagine and it can be more than what we ask; Grace is omnipotent. 

Firstly, I have a big misunderstanding about grace. I thought grace won’t come when I was weak but on the contrary, God is always wanting to give grace to me because I am God’s beloved child but problem is God’s grace unable to abound in me. And many times knowing the truth makes me feel bad as I’m always very conscience about myself whether I’m doing right or wrong (Oh how, I made mistake again) so Instead I put God’s truth together with His grace, I put my own conscience together and end up of self-reproach, self-pity and receive accusation and condemnation. The main problem that grace unable to abound in my life was because I don’t have the grace in my spirit, I always look at my own problems are greater than the cross, therefore I can’t see God’s grace in the midst of my problems.  I remembered Pastor had said, ‘It is not the problems that kill me, it’s the mindset that kills me. The mindset that God desire mercy, not whether I’ve committed sin or not. The mindset to turn our eyes to the grace of cross, not always saying ‘but God, I’m still like that, I’m not doing right, the problems still the same…etc…’.

There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, because this is not the most separation01 important and I don’t have the energy to think about it. The most important now is how am I able to enjoy the inner strength (love, peace, joy, liberty..). Yes, only face at ‘the great grace of Christ’s cross is greater than my sins, my weakness and even all the laws because Christ has already ‘Paid All’ and covers me with His love, His mercy and His righteousness. Even if the problems still the same, my spirit has to be different (have faith through the touched by the grace of the cross) so that I can be able to overcome the problems now. I always remember God had said to me, ‘But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.’ From this verse, I can see how much/great God’s grace has given to me. If there’s no grace in my life, I think I will continue to fall into depravity and becomes Satan‘s toy.

To me, it is not easy to overcome the problems but God has already given us the answer and the unlimited grace. Let’s not be discourage and continue to look upon the great grace of the cross and let our spirit to be touched, our faith will grow, slowly we will see God’s grace abound in our life and the Holy Spirit will gives us the strength to enjoy all the goodness/benefit/abundant in Christ.

Let us enjoy the song below of ‘Look up to the Grace’ . May we look up to the Great Grace of Christ’s Cross in each and everyday, every minute and all our sorrows and weary will be gone.






And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.
<2 Corinthians 9:8>


Sunday Message 主日信息:

Video:  http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Video/1015-SunSrv-11Apr10-ZS.html

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Audio/ZS/1015-SunSrv-11Apr10-ZS.mp3


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