在信的人,凡事都能 Everything Is Possible For Him Who Believes

faith_sunset_bird When a person has faith, everything is possible, but sometimes when problems come, the faith becomes weak. I think one of the reason is the assurance was not build firmly in Christ, the assurance of ‘I am loved, I am blessed, I am promised, I am called to bless. Many times I look down on the Christ’s Cross, I thought ‘maybe’ God love others more than me, ‘maybe’ the fulfillment of promises is for those who have greater faith or ‘maybe’ God won’t use me so greatly because I’m not so spiritually. Though God gives all His promises to me but because I still have some unchangeable weaknesses, I just cannot restore my faith to God. I start to blame myself, ‘Yes lah, I don’t have the faith, that’s why I’m still the same’. Slowly my spirit filled with fear, accusation and helpless. Actually all of these thinking came from my misunderstanding of God’s promises and also satan who always deceive me with all these ‘maybe’. Just like what Pastor had shared, satan likes to attacked us the most is our image (Image of everything we have in Christ), and finally crushes our faith.

Why my faith is so fragile? Because I didn’t accept God’s grace and His promises to me, that’s why I cannot see the Immanuel God in the midst of my problems. God loves me and is always with me, even if I have no faith, even if I’ve made mistakes, God won’t accuse me nor let me suffer alone, God will protect me from all harm because He understand my weakness and He will give grace to me whenever I need. So when I’m sad, He will smile at me and said ‘You are the most loved child’. When I sin against Him, He will use His tender voice and said, ‘I’ve forgiven you’. When I see myself incompetent to serve the Lord, He will said, ‘Believe me, you will be greatly use and blessed through your weaknesses’.

From the message, there’s 5 truth of promises that our faith must build on:standing_on_promises_logo1) God is always with you – God is with us ‘Personally’. He uses ‘HIS WHOLE LIFE’ to be with us. So regardless of what situation/problem we are facing, we will have the peace and courage to face all our situation.

2) God is always leading you – God’s leading won’t be wrong because He wants us to receive the best and enjoy a blissful road that He prepared for us.

3) God answer our prayer – Sometime I don’t have the heart to pray so I anyhow pray but God still listen. When I was about 20, I ever prayed that I can serve the Lord full time. After sometime I’ve forgotten about it but God didn’t forget at all and even had fulfilled it. God’s answer doesn’t matter how many years it took, as God will surely fulfilled it in His best timing and even beyond of what we ask and imagine.

4) God already gave us the sufficient power and grace to overcome – When I think of my past failure and problems, without my knowing, I realize I’m still able to stand before God to rely on Him , to receive His love and compassion. Till now, this is the power and grace that God had given me.

5) All nation will be blessed through me – To me, this promise is the most difficult to fathom, but no matter I believe it or not, this is the truth which I can’t deny. Even if I still cannot see but when I don’t look at my own conditions and weaknesses, God gives me a willing heart to believe and also not to be affected by my inferiority.

Lastly, whenever we start to lose my faith, to increase our faith, God wants us to ‘Confess’ His promises (I am loved, I am promised, I am blessed…) . When we confess, the spirit of assurance will be restore. As we continue to confess to our God, the convincing of ‘Amen’ will be greater too.

Grow_your_faith The mystery of faith I’ve experience, it’s only through problems, grace will increase and when grace increase, faith will increase the more. The Great Grace of Love and Forgiveness that King David had always holds on to it, leads him to a greater faith, so through the understanding of God’s grace and accept it in our spirit, we will naturally restore the faith. Let us continue to learn and assure the promises of God and becomes faith in our spirit, and then ‘Everything will really become Possible’. 🙂

<1 Peter 1:6-7>

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.These have come so that your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.





1) 上帝是永远与我们同在 – 上帝是亲自与我们同在,是用祂的全部的生命来与我们同在的。 无论在任何的问题或情况里,上帝的同在叫我们得平安和有勇气来面对一切。

2) 上帝是一直都在引导我们 – 上帝的引导无差错因祂的带领是让我们更加得着最好,得着祂所为我们预备最幸福的道路。

3) 上帝是应允我们的祷告 – 虽然有时没有信心祷告时,上帝还是会听祂孩子的祷告和无奈。在我20岁时,我就祷告要一生事奉主。但是时间长了后我也忘了,可是上帝并没有忘记,祂就这样应允我成为教会的干事。所以其实上帝的应允不在乎时间的长短,乃是主终究会按着最好的时间来应允我们,并且祂的应允是超过我们所就所想的。

4) 上帝是赐我们足够的能力与恩典来胜过撒旦 – 当我想起我的过去的失败与伤害,不知不觉里,我仍然还能站在上帝的面前而继续依靠上帝,继续得着主的爱与怜悯。这直到如今,就是上帝给我的能力和恩典了。

5) 列邦万民因我蒙福 – 这应许对我来说是最难想象了,但是这是无论我信不信,这就是事实。就算我现在还没看见,但是当我不看我自己的条件和软弱时,主不但让我能够愿意信,祂也叫我的心不受自卑的影响。

最后,为了叫我们的信心增长,每当信心要软弱时,上帝要我们能向祂’告白’祂的应许 (蒙爱,蒙约,蒙福。。)当我们一告白时,主的确据就在我们心灵里恢复过来。所以我们继续告白时,‘啊们’的感动就会更加增。


《彼前 1:6-7》


Sunday Message 主日信息:

Video:  http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Video/1016-SunSrv-18Apr10-ZS.html

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Audio/ZS/1016-SunSrv-18Apr10-ZS.mp3


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