只要按着祷告成真的原理,凡事都能 All Things are Possible if we Follow the Principle of Prayers Come True

Since the last Penang trip and after hearing this Sunday Message, God had convinced me to build a closer relationship with him through prayer. Most of the time, my prayers do not have a clear conscious as I prayed with a condemn spirit (No faith, no love, love the world, weaknesses, conditions etc..), I prayed ‘In my own name’ not ‘God’s name’ . Therefore I cannot understand how God’s desire can become my own desire and also cannot always receive answer prayer from God, this leads me to feel hopeless, can’t enjoy the peace and joy and end up feel disappointment in prayer.


This message has confirmed and touched me one thing of how we have a ‘sympathetic interaction with God in spirit’, even when we are weak in our prayers/spirit, God’s loves, God’s mercy, God’s grace, God’s promises have never change so without this sympathetic interaction spirit with God, I cannot see and hear God. Recently, I’ve experienced on how to rely on the Holy Spirit to pray and how He answered me. Most of the time I always look at the situation, how to change or solve the situation, but didn’t realized the biggest problem is in my spirit. Spirit of fear, anxiety, inferiority, condemnation, stress, pressure, etc.. Pastor mentioned, the real battle belongs to us is not the situation but in our spirit. I tried to fight this spiritual battle, I look at God’s unchanging truth and see thru Satan schemes, then when I really believe and confirmed in my spirit, all my fears and condemnation feelings were gone. When my inner spirit has restored the peace and joy, the angels help to change the situation which I think it’s quite impossible. This is how God works and how God answered my prayer.


I’m still not perfect, there are times when I don’t know how to throw away all my hurts, can’t throw away all my own desire, can’t throw all these away and just rely on God’s grace, then I will start to think why I have to force myself to throw away and why I need to struggle so hard and end up still the same. But God kept reminding me about the ‘Grace of God’ through our Pastor, I realized my heart needs to be always touched by His grace, the grace of mercy, the grace of compassion, the grace of loved… I should think in this way instead of letting Satan to accuses my heart and make my life miserable.  So what if I’m still have my weaknesses? So what if my situation still hasn’t change at all? God has already ACCEPTED ME COMPLETELY! Accept and forgive my sins, my weakness, my disobedient, my doubtWhen I felt He loves me and accept me, God’s desire once again becomes mine and make my heart complete in Him.

So God is always on our side because God don’t look at our weaknesses or conditions, He only look us upon as His beloved Child whom He loved and blessed. When I still have my own desire, God is on my side. When I’m hurt, God is on my side. When I’m angry, God is on my side. When I’m tired, God is on my side. God will surely stand on our side, He understand us, He wants to heal us and would deliver us from all enemy’s harm. When we truly have this interaction with God, our spirit will be free and angels will work among us. *Our broken spirit touched God, God’s mercy touched us, Angels work and Satan will be crushed.

May God holy spirit continue to touch us and able to have a closer interaction with God. Though we may fails again, but God is always on our side and His grace never change. Let’s have a clear conscious (no condemn spirit) to meet God, we be able to grow and prosper both in spirit(faith) and life(work, family, marriage..etc).

O LORD, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief.’
<Psalm 143:1>

The Serenity Prayer – By Reinhold Niebuhr


这个礼拜的信息叫我得确认和感动的是如何我的’心灵能与神交感’,就算我还再祷告/心灵里软弱,神的爱,神的怜恤,神的恩典,神的应许都是不变的,如果心灵没有与神交感,我便不能看见神或听见神的声音了。最近我经历了怎么靠上帝的圣灵来祷告而上帝是如何应允我。很多时候我终是看情况,要怎样改变或解决,其实我没发现最大的问题不是情况,最大的问题乃是自己的心灵,惧怕的心灵,焦虑的心灵,自卑的心灵,受控告的心灵,压力的心灵,等等。。 牧师说到,真真属于我们的属灵战争是自己的心灵而不是环境。我试着打这个属灵战争,我仰望上帝不变的事实也看穿撒旦的阴谋,当我开始相信与确认在我的心灵里时,一切的惧怕感和控告感不见了。当我的心灵回复主的平安和喜乐时,我一直以为很难改变的情况,天使就帮助我改变了那情况。这就是上帝怎样做工,怎样应允我的祷告。






Sunday Message 主日信息:

Video:  http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Video/1018-SunSrv-02May10-ZS.html

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Audio/ZS/1018-SunSrv-02May10-ZS.mp3


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