更要切慕先知讲道 Eagerly Desire the Gift of Prophecy


God is love, the greatest gift He gave to us is love and now He is with us through the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, we will have the strength and the gift of prophecy.

Through this message, there are 3 things that makes me pondered.

1) Value each of my conditions (background/my past/weaknesses)imageValue my conditions, how? I find many excuses to God, I know You want to bless me but there’s always a ‘but’ behind each of His promises. The only answer that the Holy Spirit touch me is, ‘You can’t but your God can because you are already flawless and God wants to lift you up’. 

2) Goal of my lifeLoveGodLord, what is the goal of my life? You said is Love but I don’t feel much love. What I see now nothing happen, nothing motivates me and also don’t makes me feel recognize by God. God said, ‘You must look big, you are not a baby anymore.’ I think I can understand why God tells me this but I still need more time to ponder about it. Maybe God wants me to go deeper because I need to grow, but I need more evident so I need to confirm/assure more. (Sorry if this portion confuse you but this is what I feel now.)

3) Restore Lord’s heart and live out god-gives-new-heartHere are some points that God wants me to confirm with:

– Believe all my lowly conditions that God wants to use.

– Everyone has inferiority, so to have a confident spirit is when I see myself a dignified identity in Christ.

– Everyone has problems but through problems that gives me strength, eternal crown and inheritance.

– Then live out all my lowly conditions, problems into the reality and becomes God’s perfect will through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, when we restore the love in Jesus Christ, live it out in every circumstances and contact with people (to shepherd/help them to meet God), God will gives us the gift of prophecy and all kinds of good gifts/rewards will add (anointing) unto us. Let us not let satan simulate our faith and our dignified identity, we are already the most dignified child in Christ,all our problems and conditions has the glorious purpose in it. May each of us see ourselves as God’s dignified child, able to understand God’s love and also call us to be more desire to have the gift of prophecy.

And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.






要怎样看重自己的条件? 我给上帝很多的借口,我知道上帝要祝福我,可是我常常都会在主的应许后面加个‘可是’。突然圣灵的感动是,‘你不能但主能,因为你已经是无有瑕疵的儿女,是上帝要高举的儿女‘。



3) 回复主的心肠来活出来


– 信我一切的条件是上帝要使用我而有的。

– 每个人都有自卑感,所以叫我有自信是当我看到自己的身份尊贵的。

– 每个人都有问题不过接着问题才叫我得着能力,冠冕和基业。

– 然后活出我一切卑微的条件在我的现实里,成为圣灵感动我的美意。


《罗 5:5》

Sunday Message 主日信息:

Video: http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/VideoWindow.aspx?m=761&f=2465

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Audio/ZS/1022-SunSrv-30May10-ZS.mp3


4 thoughts on “更要切慕先知讲道 Eagerly Desire the Gift of Prophecy

  1. Since everyone is too paiseh to comment, I shall comment, in regards to the 3 points you mentioned…

    I think personally, #1 was the first thing I had to recover. Otherwise, I would be directionless, and unable to restore God’s heart. That self-value…self-appreciation, and self-worth…it’s so important to restore that within God’s perspective.

    I mean, if you wanna talk about failure, I’m the weakest being. I have so many flaws it’s a wonder i’m not riddled with holes. But through my struggles with my own personal problems and failures, I’m coming in terms with them that there is an absolute reason behind them.

    God made me unique with my own individual conditions and gifts and situations for His absolute purpose. I would never grow without these struggles, I would never have developed a real and practical relationship with God without these struggles, and I would never be humble without them, either.

    After starting to realize that, and I begin to stop looking at my weakness as my failing point, but instead as a trampoline that lifts me up to the more experienced and equipped servant God wants me to be. And I think my goal in life…pretty much was determined by my conditions. Of course all our goals are supposed to be Love God, Love People, but they are manifested in different ways according to our own unique conditions.

    For example, because of my experience with my ED, I now have a burden for people with mental disorders like mine. Because I grew up speaking 3 languages, I know God has expanded the field of people I can relate to. Because God gave me a gift in the ability to write, I know He will use that to bless other people. Because I have a bad temper and a foolish mouth, I go through relationship conflicts which motivate me to reform and renew myself…ack, I can go on an on…

    As for #3…I’m still learning. I’m still in the process of getting a clearer grasp and understanding and unification of God’s heart. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s not an ultimate goal, but a lifelong progress of “living out” as you said, to be a living testimony of God.

    Wow this comment was epic. It’s like an essay. Sorry, couldn’t help myself…>__<

  2. Dear sister, thanks for your sincere and truthful sharing. May your security and worth always be built on the sure foundation of God’s love for you through the perfect work of Jesus on the cross. There is nothing that God allowed that is not for your good, even if there are some things that Satan has taken away from you, your esteem, your peace, God can restore it back to you 7 times, Hallelujah!
    God is absolutely delighted with you because you are all clean and holy to receive all of God’s love and blessings through the blood of Jesus.
    Recently I am attracted to a non-christian classmate. Just looking at her will be bliss and hearing her laughter all happiness. But knowing that this is not God’s perfect will, I did not go into a BGR relationship, which i understood is actually God’s love for me rather than a law to keep. A better one will come!
    I understood that God love and cannot love some people, have to turn away from them because they have sin. God didn’t want to turn away from them like I don’t want to turn away from this girl. Did God not want to love them, who are created by him; did i not want to love the girl I am so attracted to? Absolutely not!
    So blessed are we, who received Jesus and are cleansed by his blood, imputed with his righteousness, who can receive the love of our heavenly Father, who wants to lavish all his love and good things on us! Hallelujah! Rejoice!

  3. Hi, happy to hear from you. Yes, there’s nothing that God allowed that is not for our good. Hmm, I think is ok to attract to a non-christian girl but like you said, there’s God perfect will and a better one will come. Meantime, maybe you can pray for her salvation.. I think this is what you concern the most as God put this concern in you too. 🙂

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