开始确认事实,实际消除虚假 Start to Confirm the Truth, Practically Dispel the Unreal

Short clip from last Sunday Message.

Many believers unable to experience the real strength and power in our spirit is because we didn’t confirm the truth which we’ve heard of. Satan continues to give us a lot of negatives thoughts. I also was receiving a lot of unreal thoughts like accusation, guiltiness and inferiority but God has already given me all the answers to every problem from the bible. But here’s the question, how to confirm God’s word that is all answers to all problems? We all know the truth, I am God’s Child, I am Loved, I am blessed, God is with me, need to have life and living system, etc… But yet many times I still cannot get rid of all the unreal thoughts, then I realized that of all these truth, I didn’t confirm it ‘ALIVE’ in me.
The truth has to be ‘ALIVE’ in me, ‘ALIVE’ in all my problems, ‘ALIVE’ in all my conditions and ‘ALIVE’ in all situations.

I have been always envy those ancient of faith in the bible (Like; Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, David, Moses, Paul, Mary Magdalene…). To make the truth alive, I tried to relate them into myself.

JACOB-ANGEL Jacob, he has a lot fear and uncertainty in his life. He relied his own strength or tells lies to hold onto lots of thing but God has already inherit all His blessing/promises to Jacob, he does not need to search or need to struggle, in the end he has realized that God is always with Him and His blessing/promises is always with Him. Finally, he took off everything he hold onto and rely on God again. – I find my life is the same, sometime I just can’t let go some of my desires and continue to struggle but God is always with me, the idols in me cannot make me happy that’s why God is pushing me to take off everything so that I can be truly happy in Him.imagesDavid, he had committed the greatest sin; adultery and murderer. Such a great sinner yet God had forgiven Him. David’s weaknesses had driven him to prayer (psalm) and intercession with God and his weaknesses has become the source of blessing to His people. – From David’s life, I also see my life was such a sinner yet God has already forgiven me. God can use such a sinner like David, why can’t I? His prayer (psalm) that touches many poor in spirit, including myself. This had inspired me to become a Psalmist like him, able to have such a close relationship with God.

jesus-and-mary2 Mary Magdalene, she was once a sinful woman and was possessed by seven demons but after she met Jesus and was healed, she became Jesus’ companion and first to witness Christ resurrection. – I was very touched by her story and I cried. As I thought of how sinful person I am, possess by money, fame, desire etc… but God is loving and merciful, He did not rebuke me forever but continue to comfort me and give me the strength to slowly pull me away from all sins so that I can become His close companion and witnesses.

peter-walking_on_water Peter, he was non-educated, ordinary and maybe a slow learner. He also has a lot of weaknesses; maybe rash, hasty and easily got angry and even denied Jesus Christ 3 times. Such a person with so many weaknesses yet God raised him up to become a leader, able to preach boldly and healed many. – I may be uneducated, ordinary, inadequate in many ways and also have many weaknesses but because God loves me, He gives me the identity of Child of God and given me the ever-changing promises and inheritances.

There are many main characters in the bible we can relate to it. All the main characters in the bible have their own weaknesses, but because of their weaknesses, they see the love of God, they see the God of Immanuel, thus they are able to testify Christ through their weaknesses (and no more accusation, guiltiness nor inferiority) because God did not see their weaknesses/conditions but used them for God’s kingdom and His people.

hand_of_God This was where I’ve learned to confirm His truth this week, to relate myself through all these characters and become who I am ‘NOW’. I’m still learning to confirm it deeper and higher to make alive in my life but during the process of confirming the characters above, the feeling of accusation, guiltiness and inferiority is lesser because I know who I am through my weaknesses. Today our ssg leader shared about Moses that how God is with him and I start to ponder how ‘God is with me’ – This keeps ringing in my mind that how God is with me ‘NOW’. God is with me by telling me how important I am, how blessed I am and how I am loved by Him so I need to start intercede and confirm His truth (identity, promises, inheritance) in all occasions, even in my current poor circumstances so that I can meet God in all things and know His perfect will. (This is my prayer)

Let’s continue to confirm practically by confirming His truth ‘ALIVE’ in our lives and all our problems become no more.

A familiar song, ‘The Best Blessing in This Life’ is to know Jesus Christ and rely on Him as He is always with us and walk with us.

The LORD gave them rest on every side, just as he had sworn to their forefathers. Not one of their enemies withstood them; the LORD handed all their enemies over to them. Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.
<Joshua 21:44-45>




JACOB-ANGEL雅各,他有很多惧怕和不确定性在他的生命里。他靠自己的能力和谎言抓住很多事,但上帝已经继承所有的祝福和应许给他了,他不需要搜寻或挣扎,到最后他发现上帝其实是一直与他同在,并且神的祝福与应许也是一直与他同在。后来,他脱掉一切他曾经所紧抓的而再倚靠上帝。- 我发现我的生命里也和雅各一样,有时我就是不能放掉我的私欲而继续争扎,不过上帝是一直与我同在,那些偶像不能叫我开心所以上帝才要一直推我把它脱掉,使我在祂里面才能拥有真真的喜乐。


jesus-and-mary2抹大拉的玛利亚, 她是人称为有罪的妇女,她也曾被七个鬼附,但是当她遇见了耶稣而被医治后,她成为耶稣的同伴,也是第一个见证耶稣基督的复活。- 我个人对她的故事非常的受感动而使我流泪了。我一想到自己是个怎样的罪人,被金钱,名望,私欲所捆绑,但是上帝仍然爱我和怜恤我。祂并不长久责备反而还继续安慰我,赐我力量来慢慢拉我远离罪恶,好叫我能与祂成为最亲近的同伴和成为祂的见证。

peter-walking_on_water彼得,他是一个没有什么学历的人,一个普通又或许是个慢的学习者。他也有很多软弱;冲动,匆猝和容易生气,甚至否认耶稣3次。这样多软弱的人,上帝兴起培养了他成为一个领导这,能放胆地讲道并且医治了许多人。- 我虽然也不多学问,普通,许多无能的地方并且有也有许多的软弱,但是因上帝爱我,赐我儿女的身份,已给我不变的应许和基业。






Sunday Message:

Video (Chinese):http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/VideoWindow.aspx?m=781&f=2552

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Audio/ZS/1026-SunSrv-27Jun10-ZS.mp3


4 thoughts on “开始确认事实,实际消除虚假 Start to Confirm the Truth, Practically Dispel the Unreal

  1. It’s so cool, to see all my biblical “heroes” in such a perspective, so personal and real and humbling. It’s so easy to let God’s words fall into almost something “fiction” and unrelating to our own personal and daily lives. But God’s words aren’t called the Living Truth for nothing!

  2. Yes sis, your belief is very practical 🙂
    When God’s word comes alive in your life, it is no longer dry theory, but practical power, whenever & wherever we need it!

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