同受苦楚,同得安慰 Share in our sufferings, so also share in our comfort

Short clip of last Sunday Message

Many people have different kind of sufferings or different levels of suffering, but what is the real definition of ‘suffering’. My small group leader had shared that the true suffering is when we can’t get what our heart has desired, thus it causes us to feel insatiable, moodiness, weary….etc. To stop the suffering is when we want to have what God has desired us to have and to be enjoyed.


This week, I was struggling between my old self and my identity in Christ. There are things I want but yet I cannot get what I want. There are things which I know I shouldn’t do is because it is not God’s will but yet I want to do. When I kept on thinking of the things I’ve desired, I will continue to suffer, feeling accused and slowly my heart become dry. Then I started to ask myself, what is the thing that can truly make me happy? Even if I get what I want, will my happiness can last long? My conclusion is there is no assurance that my happiness will last long if it is not God’s will. Yes, because I don’t belong to the world, I don’t belong to my old self sinful ways, I belong to Christ alone, and what God wants to give me is greater than what I desired. Once I confirmed my identity in Christ, I know His promises (bible) is true.

I have a retrospective to my past, to compare my life between the past and present, it was no doubt nor I can deny that everything was a miracle. The miracle I said is not about the situation but more in my spirit, and then I realized that all the suffering I’ve been through had brought me closer to God, closer to the power of His cross and if it wasn’t, I will be sinking in the darkness of the world and continue to groan for my whole life. To come thus far was definitely not by my own will and strength but through the power of the cross that I am chosen, to receive healing and blessing from God. Just like Jacob, no matter how weak he is, he just only wants to get blessing from God. Even like David, when he restores the spirit of sonship and promised, he was completely free from sin and suffering.

crucified with Christ sunset 
Coming next month, we are going to move our church to a new premise soon. It gives me lots of memories when I thought of how our church was started till now. Although there are many suffering and unhappiness in our church, we all continue to come together and grew. There are times we have disputes, comparing each other, having difficult time, closed up towards each other….nevertheless, we are still in one family in Christ, we all gone through everything together, receiving love and comfort from each other. Like what Pastor has shared, all the suffering we have encountered leads to more doors of evangelism, receive true disciples and travel mates thus had received the greatest ever victory and inheritance in heaven.

Although we will still receive a lot of suffering on earth, but when we continue to turn our eyes upon our Lord Jesus Christ, the suffering will be gone and forth with gold. 🙂

When he is at work in the north, I do not see him; when he turns to the south, I catch no glimpse of him. But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold. My feet have closely followed his steps; I have kept to his way without turning aside.
<Job 23:9-11>

A familiar song to share below, though the songs sounds quite modern but hope you may find strength and comfort from it.

I’ve Had Many Tears And Sorrows,
I’ve Had Questions For Tomorrow,
There’s Been Times I Didn’t Know Right From Wrong.
but In Every Situation,
God Gave Me Blessed Consulation,
That My Trials Come To Only Make Me Strong.
Through It All,
Through It All,
I’ve Learned To Trust In Jesus,
I’ve Learned To Trust In God.
Through It All,
Through It All,
I’ve Learned To Depend Upon His Word.
verse 2:
I’ve Been To Lots Of Places,
I’ve Seen A Lot Of Faces,
There’s Been Times I Felt So All Alone.
but In My Lonely Hours,
Yes, Those Precious Lonely Hours,
Jesus Lets Me Know That I Was His Own
verse 3:
I Thank God For The Mountains,
and I Thank Him For The Valleys,
I Thank Him For The Storms He Brought Me Through.
for If I’d Never Had A Problem,
I Wouldn’t Know God Could Solve Them,
I’d Never Know What Faith In God Could Do

许多人有不同的苦难或不同程度的苦难,但真真的苦难是什么呢?我的小组组长分享到我们真真的苦难是当我们心灵里得不到自己想要的东西时,我们就会觉得不满足,心里闷闷不乐,忧愁,等等。。 要叫这苦难离开是当我们得着上帝要我们得的,我们才能享受生命。






Sunday Message:

Video (Chinese):http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/VideoWindow.aspx?m=802&f=2669

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2010/Audio/ZS/1032-SunSrv-08Aug10-ZS.mp3


3 thoughts on “同受苦楚,同得安慰 Share in our sufferings, so also share in our comfort

  1. I like this blog post of yrs. Sincere, truthful and discerning. Yes, there are many struggles, but its what brought us till here today.
    We will not always suffer. We suffer a while, and God will turn all our sufferings to pure joy in Him.

    Believe my sister. U are blessing many pple which you dun know.

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