When Holy Spirit Descends Upon Our Hearts, We Can Radiate Christ’s Culture

Here is the short video clip for last Sunday Message.

The last Sunday message seems to have more perspicuity after the last 3 messages, but yet it does not seem to be easy to do. To “confirm” and “follow” leaves me with the most impression. Thinking back to my past, I wondered how I have gone through all unhappy incidents that happened to me. It was a miracle that I am here, writing blog and serving God as a church secretary, and all these have never occurred to me at all. I am able to come thus far is not because I am strong but it is God that had saved me by the grace of His cross. Without Christ, I am still wandering in the world and I will try all ways to make fame for myself. My life will continue to be hard and miserable full of hatred to the people who mistreated me, and full of discontentment to my conditions/status. I give thanks and give all glory to God Who had made and mould me to become who I am today.


As just now I’ve mentioned 2 things, “confirm and follow”, I remembered when I was at my weakest in my spiritual walk, I couldn’t accept and believe God’s words for me. Pastor always tell me, “You are the most blessed, loved, dignified child of God. God has already forgiven you, no matter what conditions you have, God wants to use and bless you”. Hmm… ok, I am loved child but one thing I cannot accept is, God has forgiven me and will bless/use me with all my conditions. Even if God has forgiven me, I still could not forgive myself. This circumstance has continued till I couldn’t stand anymore, I asked myself, “Why do I need to suffer like this? I might as well leave God and everything, so that I can live however I like”. However, it ended up that I just could not do so because in my heart, I know God is real and alive, and if I really leave Him, I will be deader and more tormented by Satan. Ok, so I feel I am sandwiched, no matter how I 向后,向左,向右, my problem is still the same. At that time, through Pastor’s concern and the pulpit message, I decided to 向前走 and “follow” God. How do I follow? God said He has already forgiven me, and therefore, I then told myself, “Ok I aim for this.” God said, I am 蒙爱 so I told myself “Regardless of how wretched I am, God already died for me.” God said, He will heal me, and then I told myself that He will surely heal me. I continued to remind myself till one day, I felt my heart changed, I felt my burden is lighter; and the word of God has becoming One that I am more able to accept and believe. I believe this is when the word of God is not just a principle anymore but has become my belief.

Today I am still affected by the little things in my life. It may not be in a big way as in the past, but the message reminded me that I must continue to “confirm and follow God” no matter how bad I feel in myself. Recently, I have encountered an incident regarding the tax refund from Europe. image Wengang has decided to cancel all the credit cards due to some hassle issues and left only 2 for us to use. The credit card that we used in Europe, which was supposed receive the tax refund in 3 months’ time, was cancelled too. I was very troubled by it because I might lose a few hundreds dollars, plus there are 2 people whom I bought things for them that I needed to return the tax to them too. Then Wengang said, “If the money is really gone, it means that the money does not belong to us, and God will bless us more in return.” Well, I still cannot accept the reality but I also can’t do anything. After 2 days had passed, he told me that the credit card agent was able to solve this issue. I was happy to hear the news but at the same time, I realized that my worry was in vain. If I have confirmed God’s words earlier before I see the evidence, I do not have to worry for 2 days. Through this incident, I realized how important it is that I need to confirm in all ways, even if it was just small little things. I find that it is not that easy to confirm in all ways, but I believe it is the only way to receive everyday Immanuel in my heart. Therefore, I will try to do my best to become a person who can “confirm naturally” one day even though I may fall again.


In this message, Pastor had shared about the 4 gospelizations that through our belief (build temple & confirm), it will become Christ’s culture in our fields. In the last few years, 4 gospelizations is a faraway dream to me. I can never imagine how God will fulfill it but I think if God wants to fulfill, it should definitely be out of our imagination. One fine day, I saw how the ruler of the darkness is affecting me, and I started to see how important I need to do self gospelization, and then followed my family gospelization, and the gospelization of the church and the people around me. It is not I am very visionary person, but it is just how I see Satan has affecting me and my family. From here, I realized 4 gospelizations has become my goal, and it is the only goal that can give me more “happiness” and “meaningful life” than to make a fame for myself in this world. Therefore, I find the greater need to restore this happiness in my heart. I hope one day, I will radiate Christ’s culture in all my fields. I do not know when it will happen, it may be 10 years or 20 years, but God will slowly let me see the evidence, not only in myself, my family but also through regional and the world.

Recently I downloaded some songs in my phone and found this song from Stream of Praise. Our Abba father is filled with love, compassion and grace, when we called our Abba Father with our heart, we will feel the closeness with God and receive His healing and promises for us. Hope you enjoy this song and truly see yourself as a greatly loved child of God.

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.
<Ep 1:17-19>

Sunday Message:

Video (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/VideoWindow.aspx?m=899&f=3140

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2011/Audio/SunMsg-20110206-ZS.mp3


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