I need Thee every moment 我时刻需要袮

Here is the short video clip for last Sunday Message (把你们如贞洁童女,献给基督/ Present You As A Pure Virgin To Christ)

Pastor said there is always a battle to fight everyday of our lives. Although I do not face a lot of people all the time, but the spiritual battle is always exist in all occasion. I need to battle with my inner spirit, not to be affected by Satan’s insinuation and accusation. I always start with a morning prayer that I can have a blessed schedule at the beginning of each day but sometime it does not end up to what I expected. I am very sensitive to every state of my heart, be it happy, sad or angry. If I am sad and angry, I can be downcast for the whole day. Sometimes I have wondered how a person can be happy all the time as no one is perfect and spiritual battle is always waiting there to fight. Then recently, I found there is such kind of person happened in front of me, and this person is Auntie Duan. Last Sunday, Wengang and I had sent her home and we were invited to visit her house. She was staying with her son, daughter-in-law and two of her grandchildren. Her family seems with a lot of problems, but she said to me joyfully and confidently, “Everything has God’s perfect will”. She was not worry or sad of her family current situation and just continue to pray for them. Then we had a long pleasure talked with her daughter-in-law about our belief and her belief in Buddhism. Although her daughter-in-law is a very strong Buddhism believer but she said she has never see a Christian who is so full of love and upright like her mother-in-law. The whole conversation was very joyful and I can see how God has started to work in her family. Auntie Duan has a very loving, gentle and joyful spirit, it is not because she is perfect nor eloquence but I can see how God is alive in her and how she has rely God wholeheartedly even she always has to deal with her family problems. This is the pure heart she had present to Jesus Christ that make her to become a real loving and joyful person.


Most of the time, I am 50% sad, 20% angry and 30% happy. Well, this is not the point of how to make it 100% happy which I think not possible for now but most importantly is how I can quickly restore the happiness in the lord when I fall down (accusation, guiltiness…). As referred to my last blog, I have mentioned that seeking God is the only way to see and hear God. As everyday I continued to face the battle until I am so discourage and till no strength to continue. Then I have start to resolute that no matter how hard I struggle with my own problems, I want to seek my God and to be hunger in His voice for me. I realized while I am doing so, this has given me a heart ‘solely’ wants to love God, submit God and rely on God because there is no other way I can quickly restore the happiness in the Lord but only through this ‘solely’ heart.

image The happiness of seeing me a blessed, loved and called by God: Confident of God’s child (神儿女的自信心) or a pure bride of Jesus Christ (耶稣基督贞洁的新娘)

While I am struggling with my own flesh and spirit, the more I need Christ and the more I need to seek Him. Through by seeking God as my only trust and hope, I hear God speaks to me and He gave me His 3 perfect will. He said:

1) Focus on My unconditional love which is already in you (image)

2) Do not focus on your own problems because the problem is not meant for you to worry or to judge yourself but to fully hope for the Lord. I, your God is with you and will fight the battle for you.

3) So you just need to focus on God’s people by becoming a intercessor.

I can see every struggle and battle that God gives me is wanting me to learn ‘focusing’ on God and His kingdom alone so that in Christ I can have strength to face every battle and to overcome the struggle one by one by His perfect will. God’s voice will come when I start to see that I need Christ in every moment, to humble myself and able to give all my heart to Him, therefore I named the blog title
“I need Thee every moment”.

But God will never forget the needy;
the hope of the afflicted will never perish.
<Psalm 9:18>


Everyone has different time table, some are still in the struggle but wherever it is, ‘you are not alone’ because ‘God is always beside you’. This is what I have heard from God even when I am in struggle, therefore it gives me strength to go on and follow Him, not by might nor power but by the Holy Spirit in me.

Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.
Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away…
<Song of Songs 8:6-7>

Sunday Message:

Video (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/VideoWindow.aspx?m=922&f=3220

Audio (Chinese): http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/downloads/SunMsg/2011/Audio/SunMsg-20110227-ZS.mp3


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