The Power of God Lies In Being Able to See Immanuel

Below is the Sunday Message short video clip on 8 Jan 2012.

God is always with us regardless of all our conditions, through believing His complete presence, all our conditions we see have become the sources of all blessing. Many people do not believe God’s complete presence, therefore humanistic/man-centred culture (ideals, motivations, pursuits) comes in and they cannot truly be blissful as they keep focusing on what they want to do. Despite in this humanistic culture, God came to seek out a few people that can understand the full presence of God which is the promises. They are those who will not be satisfy by earthly desire, able to recognize and hear the voice of God, these few people are called ‘The Remnants’ who are chosen by God. When the promises of God comes into the person heart, every conditions/situation he sees is the best that God gives, which has all His abundant graces, His good works and all becomes a great vessel to be use by God. The Lord Jesus Christ has already fulfilled His promises, therefore we should more value ourselves (identity), just like Joseph, Daniel, Peter, etc, they become who they are is because they believe God’s fulfilment of His promises. To enjoy God’s present, we need to always confirm His promises and in His presence has all His good works, fulfilment and eternal inheritance that awaits us. Let us break this man-centred culture, by restoring God’s present in our hearts and becomes God’s culture. When God’s culture arises in us, our life direction being firmed up, not easily distracted by our problems/conditions, our spirit will continue to enjoy the healing and equipped, thereafter, God will add grace of conditions onto us to bless the people. Although we are not complete in many areas, but as long we continue to understand and confirm God’s promises in all things, we will realized that in every process we take has the most beautiful and perfect time table (all in the midst of fulfilment) , and our spirits will start to enjoy the evidences of Immanuel in all things.


I Myself will gather the remnant of My flocks out of all t
he countries where I have driven them and will bring them back to their pasture, where they will be fruitful and increase in number. <Jeremiah 23:3>

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