To Resolve in Christ is the Coming of God’s Power

Below is the video short clip of Sunday message on 15 Jan 2012.

There is God’s master plan in all holy people through His promises. When a person holds onto this plan, he will use God’s promise to see every condition, problem and situation, and all these are to bless him and through him, to bless all nations. But many people do not understand (disbelief) God’s promises, and also do not understand what God’s master plan is, therefore their spirit does not change, always thinking ‘what to do’ or ‘what to change themselves’ (conditions/situation), and then fall into worshipping idols with or without form. If a person has no God’s promise, all his conditions becomes nothing, but if there is God’s promise, all his conditions become the most precious/dignified. When we know God’s promise, although things or people on earth will change, but once we ‘resolve’ that God’s present (promise) has never changed, set lifetime direction (glorify God, benefit men and build kingdom), seek God’s perfect will in all things and see every of our conditions as God’s blessing and fulfilment. From then onwards, no matter what we experience, in spirit, family, friends or in church, our perspectives has changed, able to see all things having God’s truth and to live out His truth. At the same time when we resolve, our lives begin to receive more healing, because everything we are going through calls us to ‘confirm God’s promise’ (why my spirit is affected, why I am affected by the world, etc) and become a ‘fixed perspective’, then by fixed perspective, we will be able to battle with the forces of darkness. Although we are still in the healing process, but by ‘confirming’ and ‘fixing perspective’, we will realized it has slowly become a ‘blessed spiritual nature’, that will surely restore authority and power in all things, so that no matter where we go, God will open the doors of evangelism for us.


Through the message, I realized God’s master plan and a resolve heart is so important. Every Christian need to restore this plan. Without the restoration of God’s master plan, no matter what you do, where you go, whom you meet, what things you have encounter and how you serve in church, everything will becomes meaningless, dead and able to see how the Immanuel God is with you in every things. People tends to look at their conditions and situation they are in, and so do I. It is only when I started to understand God’s master plan, I am more able to resolve in Christ, to accept myself as source of all blessing and more able to confirm His promises in all things, because I see in all my conditions, even I have some stain in my past which unable to rub off/take off has all turn out into good purpose (has God’s plan), to be blessed and to bless. I also realized that when I start to resolve and confirm His words, the healing takes place. There are some things which most affected me, I am more able to rely on God, that is to confirm His promise again and again. This has leads my spirit to be more independent and focus in God’s factor and not men’s factor. I believe God is healing me now, learning to depend and focus on His unchanging promises, to follow Him no matter what may happens, to be filled by His Holy Spirit that enables me to receive the strength to face the battle on each day.

At the end of the day, I see how wonderful and amazing is God’s perfect plan, that can happen on a wretch person to receive such great love, mercy, grace and blessing from our Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing can compares to Jesus, nothing is greater than Jesus, nothing is more real than Jesus and nothing is above God’s master plan and His Immanuel. Even though Satan will still continue to attack me but I know God has already prepared the best for me. Smile

There is none like you.


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One thought on “To Resolve in Christ is the Coming of God’s Power

  1. Hey, this hymn keep ringing in my head yesterday when I was at home and you went out at 36 lessons overview healing message meeting.

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