Being Faithful Today In the Lord’s Absolute Guidance, Is the Manifestation of God’s Power

Below is the video short clip of the last Sunday Message on 22Jan.

3D-rendering-of-a-cross-sitting--1God is with us in our daily lives, no matter how ordinary life we have, everyday having the same routine or how busy we are, God has never leave nor forsake us. In my daily life, I also lived in a very ordinary life, because of this ordinary, no matter what I do; I feel everything is the same and all alone. Often I felt that my daily life is nothing special, thinking I cannot get God’s blessings because of my slowness and weaknesses. I would think so is because I did not see God is working (love, protection, guidance) in my daily life and also put my wrong perspective in external things rather than spiritual matters within my heart, thus forgot the promise of the Lord today. Later, I found all my own perspective was wrong. No matter what I do, how ordinary I am living now, how quiet I am or still in the midst of weakness, God called me to remember His covenant He had made with me, to see every condition, movement, thoughts, people/things I have encounter that God values the most, because behind all these process has the purpose of the promise of God, therefore, my ordinary and insignificant has become the most dignified and important conditions. God’s fulfillment is not on a great person, not on someone who is eloquent or how popular the person is, but in a person who truly ‘know the promise of God’, and through ‘believing God’s promises’, all his lifetime are called to fulfill the Lord’s eternal plan for him. When I thought of God’s fulfilled promise, no matter I get up, lie down, even when I am weak, ‘God’s love’ and ‘to bless me’ promises has called me to be satisfied and glad in Him, and able to anticipate what God wants to fulfill in me. Then receive the strength from my heart, continue to be faithful today in the Lord’s absolute guidance and follow Him. One day, the Lord will surely prove His fulfilled promise and will not lost. Although the forces of darkness attack us always, but as long as we continue to confirm repeatedly in God’s promise (with the perspective of God’s truth in all things), our faith will grow, and God will give us the strength (battle) to face every challenges. Although we hear a lot of God’s word, sometime we may weak, fall and discourage again, but Pastor mentioned before that ‘a person cannot always have 100% faith, but able to have 100% God’s truth’. The truth will not change nor leave us, only we need to rooted the truth and become our fixed perspective, we will not be afraid or lose heart again, because we see God’s fulfilled promise today.

When we see (believe) the Lord’s fulfilled promises today, we will see every conditions, problems has God’s greatest plan (blessing), and every process we are going through are called us to be more equipped, from being ordinary brings for the purpose to great and unsearchable things ahead. When we continue to being faithful and follow God today, focus on God’s concern today, God will manifest His power (zealousness) unto us and He will put His new time table that continue to open to us.

I was very touched by the hymn ‘Day by Day’ when we sing on our last Sunday service. May we find strength and hope for each day that the Lord has promised to us.

I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accmplished <Mat 5:18>

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