Life of Grace, Full of Grace


In every day life, we often battle with 2 laws (spirit and flesh), but the fact is God’s truth (God is with us) has never left us, but allow us to discover that the more we cannot rely on ourselves, the more we need more God’s grace. God’s grace is always following us, but some believers are still holding on to their own thinking/things or onto the demands of the law, which will consequently will make them all the more lose the conviction of the Holy Spirit and guidance to “being faithful today”. In fact, many believers often, because of their weakness and sins, therefore receive accusations from them; however, God does not stop His emphasis on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ that brings out His great love to His children; therefore, the weaker we are, the more God loves us, we realize the more we need Him, and the more we need to rely on the Holy Spirit (willing to obey God’s law). Once they have realized and restored the conditions of God’s child (covenanted child of God), God’s grace will be shown to them, and they will be borne out of grace, and all accusations and sins will be removed. Even if we are still weak, for the things that we are unable to let go of, we need to understand: “God wants to bless us”; He also understand we cannot let go immediately, but as long as we are willing to let God take control, let Him interfere, let Him convict you, we will see how great, wide, long and deep God’s love is, so that the grace of God will surely manifest, and we will receive the power of the Holy Spirit and fulfil the commandments of love (love God, love men). Because of grace, our heart receives grace and thankfulness, and our hearts grow more compassion towards all.


To have a life of living sacrifice is not how great faith a person has or what great things the person has done; it is when a person tests and approves his faith before God and men. It is not to see whether your faith is good or not, whether the conditions are bad or not, but to see that every good and bad has their good purpose and to be used by God, to tolerate and comfort brethrens; if you can let nothing condemn what you have prayed for, but only do everything considering that you cannot do exceeding what God has given you, that is the life of a living sacrifice meant for you today.

“Your Grace is Sufficient for me”

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect
When I am weak
All that I cling to
I lay at Your feet
Your grace is sufficient for me

I’m no longer striving
To merit Your love
I rest in Your promise to me
That all of my sins have
Been washed in Your blood
Your mercy is all that I need

You see me as righteous
Because of the blood
That made the atonement for me
Your mercy has triumphed
Where I should be judged
So now by Your grace I am free.


“The Law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more, so that, just as sin reigned, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”

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