Grasp the Timetable to Receive Spiritual Inheritance


The Immanuel Lord is already with us, through HIs gospel itself has power to create and now become the promise in our spirit but many times we forgot or cannot see, therefore we cannot truly enjoy the Immanuel. We treat God’s promise as another good book to read but never see it flows in every part of us. The eyes, the nose, the mouth..every part of us, every cell, every background, conditions..etc is because of His promise. When we “covenantise” the word of God (promise), it shine our spirit and help us to able to distinguish between spirit.  How do we distinguish?

* Not the letters of the word, but the perfect will that comes from a heart which loves God.

* Not just spiritual knowledge, but believe in the clear evidences of the great power of the word of God

* Not just hardship or war, but enter a new timetable

* Not just understand the truth, but the instructions from all things

* Not just defend against false teachings, but let go (I die, God lives)

* Not just be vigilant, but ‘covenantise’ everything

*Not just zealous, but die and be resurrected and rely on Holy Spirit

* Not just endure, but have vision

* Not just learn, but receive answers

* Not seek blessings, but already blessed

* Not just seek, but find

*Not just wait, but confirm

* Not just pray for something, but receive power

* Not just persevere, but continue to see answers

* Not just have faith, but restore the truth more

*Not just face the Lord, but test and approve His work

* Not just have the right focus, but have Immanuel (fixed perspective).

* Not sacrifice, but believe and obey

*Not just miracles, but the miracle of being able to listen and obey in all things

* Not just go through problems repeatedly but receive spiritual blessings

* Not just glorify God, but live out Christ

* Not just win over men, but have 12 disciples who truly believe and submit

* Not just be perfect, but be children called by God

*Not just abundance, but use the poorest to have all nations prosper

*Not just have no problems, but understand that the whole life is going toward the city of refuge

* To just lead with authority, but be a peaceful shepherd

* Not just be a perfect person, but be a man of gospel

This is what God gives us the spirit to distinguish between the “gospel and religion” and when we fully obey the gospel in our life, we will be able to enjoy the Immanuel and the time table for God’s kingdom to quickly come.  Therefore in all our conditions, problems, even the decision we make in our life are the reason to discover own "conditions of being called" and thus receive "the direction to expand Immanuel". Let us not just rejoice of what we have and what outcomes, but delight most in seeing Immanuel and obeying. When we grasp this timetable, God will make us the leading character of this era, and the course of our life will be God’s accomplishment.


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