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My name is Lin Liwen (林丽雯). I was born in 1979. I’m married but no children now. Been a Christian since I was 13 years old. I was a quiet person but sometime can be fun, soft but can be stubborn at times, suave and compromising, quite careful, sensitive and cautious person. I also like to bottles up my feeling but I hope I can be more openly. I love leisure, singing and travelling. God prepared me a  better career in God’s kingdom, to be able to find my true meaningful life so I was been called to become the Church of Secretary in Life Church and Missions of Singapore since 1st of August, 2009

Every Sunday message, I will send out a notification email to everyone who can be encourage and notify to listen to the message. To outreach for more people in this world, I was asked to start a blog to write what I’ve learned and benefit from the message. Although my writing is not very good, may God uses my poor writing to able to bless people. I think not many people know me so much as I don’t really shared a lot.  Here I would like to share more about myself.

I started to come out to work when I was 13 due to financial problem. I’ve been going through a lot of family problems, my parent was separated since I was young and because I was very young, I still need to be taken care by adults, so during my childhood days I always moved to different places, sometimes stayed at my grandma house or stayed at some of my aunties house, only when I started to work I’ve stopped from moving. My mum had worked very hard in her whole life, worried and suffered a lot so in the Y2005, she was died of cervical cancer, till now I still dream of her and I really miss her so much, but great thing is, she had accepted Christ before she has passed away. 🙂 My father was used to be a drunkard man, every night likes to make a big scene and cause the neighbourhood police to ‘visit us’ but after he had accepted Christ, he changed a lot in His spirit; he loves God and also has a willing heart to serve the Lord even at his old age now. I have another 2 elder’s brother and one elder sister. My Elders brother was diagnosed with mental problems for the past 8 years, in and out from hospital 3 times. Thank God that during these past 2 years, he tried to attend all the church meetings, slowly his mind and spirit are receiving healing from God, although still in the healing process but his hunger and thrist for Christ has increase more and also able to experience God’s love. My 2nd brother was once a drug addict, went into prison 3 times and spent almost 10years in the prison. During the days of His agony, he had finally accepted Christ and after he came out, he devoted himself to God.  Now he is studying in the bible collage and was called to serve as a Pastor in future. My sister was the one who brought me to Church; she was strong and always protects me. She once had a broken relationship which gives her a very deep hurt but thank God that He prepared a man who is able give her a new hope, who is able to bring her more closer to God. She is now appointed to become the church of secretary in her church and having 4 adorable and blessed children. 🙂 Although each of my family members have gone through a lot problems, but through all these problems, they came to know Christ, to be loved, to be healed, to be blessed and to be greatly use by God. My prayer for my family is be more gospelization, able to glorified God, benefit people and build His Kingdom (荣神益人建国) 🙂

As for me, beside family problems, my greatest problem is my inferiority. I always feel myself unworthy because of my short fall, my low educated, my failures, really nothing good in myself and very few good things happen in my life. But I thank God, without all these problems; I will never came to know and experience so much love from God and never am able to receive healing from God. Through all the problems, God showed me that I’m so much worthy not because of my shortfall, my failure and past problems, but because ‘I am Loved’ that Christ had solved all my problems through the great merciful grace of the cross.

In the Y2009 was another new breakthrough in my life, I’ve forsake the secular job and have become the church of secretary. Looking back at my life; I can never imagined I can come so far now. It was God who carry me, understands me, comforts me, challenge me, pushing me and discipline me that I can come to this far. Although I still have many weaknesses, even some of my problems are still remains, but I know God is in control, he will continue to carry me through, to heal me, to use me for His kingdom and so I can enjoy His fullness of His Love, His Power and His blessing. May all the travelmates who read my testimony will continue to pray for me.

God’s Love



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Sis, not sure when u updated your profile, but I only got to read it now! It’s really God’s amazing healing on u for u to be able to share so openly in this blog about your past and inferiority, and our Lord Jesus’ demonstration of grace and love in your life. God listens to our every little prayer and He who planted the seed of God’s love in you will no doubt make sure that you grow beautiful in Him 🙂

  2. Thanks for both comments. I think I updated this after i’ve started my blog a few months later. God will also make both your life always be beautiful in Him and the people around you.

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