Grasp the Timetable to Receive Spiritual Inheritance


The Immanuel Lord is already with us, through HIs gospel itself has power to create and now become the promise in our spirit but many times we forgot or cannot see, therefore we cannot truly enjoy the Immanuel. We treat God’s promise as another good book to read but never see it flows in every part of us. The eyes, the nose, the mouth..every part of us, every cell, every background, conditions..etc is because of His promise. When we “covenantise” the word of God (promise), it shine our spirit and help us to able to distinguish between spirit.  How do we distinguish?

* Not the letters of the word, but the perfect will that comes from a heart which loves God.

* Not just spiritual knowledge, but believe in the clear evidences of the great power of the word of God

* Not just hardship or war, but enter a new timetable

* Not just understand the truth, but the instructions from all things

* Not just defend against false teachings, but let go (I die, God lives)

* Not just be vigilant, but ‘covenantise’ everything

*Not just zealous, but die and be resurrected and rely on Holy Spirit

* Not just endure, but have vision

* Not just learn, but receive answers

* Not seek blessings, but already blessed

* Not just seek, but find

*Not just wait, but confirm

* Not just pray for something, but receive power

* Not just persevere, but continue to see answers

* Not just have faith, but restore the truth more

*Not just face the Lord, but test and approve His work

* Not just have the right focus, but have Immanuel (fixed perspective).

* Not sacrifice, but believe and obey

*Not just miracles, but the miracle of being able to listen and obey in all things

* Not just go through problems repeatedly but receive spiritual blessings

* Not just glorify God, but live out Christ

* Not just win over men, but have 12 disciples who truly believe and submit

* Not just be perfect, but be children called by God

*Not just abundance, but use the poorest to have all nations prosper

*Not just have no problems, but understand that the whole life is going toward the city of refuge

* To just lead with authority, but be a peaceful shepherd

* Not just be a perfect person, but be a man of gospel

This is what God gives us the spirit to distinguish between the “gospel and religion” and when we fully obey the gospel in our life, we will be able to enjoy the Immanuel and the time table for God’s kingdom to quickly come.  Therefore in all our conditions, problems, even the decision we make in our life are the reason to discover own "conditions of being called" and thus receive "the direction to expand Immanuel". Let us not just rejoice of what we have and what outcomes, but delight most in seeing Immanuel and obeying. When we grasp this timetable, God will make us the leading character of this era, and the course of our life will be God’s accomplishment.


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Life of Grace, Full of Grace


In every day life, we often battle with 2 laws (spirit and flesh), but the fact is God’s truth (God is with us) has never left us, but allow us to discover that the more we cannot rely on ourselves, the more we need more God’s grace. God’s grace is always following us, but some believers are still holding on to their own thinking/things or onto the demands of the law, which will consequently will make them all the more lose the conviction of the Holy Spirit and guidance to “being faithful today”. In fact, many believers often, because of their weakness and sins, therefore receive accusations from them; however, God does not stop His emphasis on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ that brings out His great love to His children; therefore, the weaker we are, the more God loves us, we realize the more we need Him, and the more we need to rely on the Holy Spirit (willing to obey God’s law). Once they have realized and restored the conditions of God’s child (covenanted child of God), God’s grace will be shown to them, and they will be borne out of grace, and all accusations and sins will be removed. Even if we are still weak, for the things that we are unable to let go of, we need to understand: “God wants to bless us”; He also understand we cannot let go immediately, but as long as we are willing to let God take control, let Him interfere, let Him convict you, we will see how great, wide, long and deep God’s love is, so that the grace of God will surely manifest, and we will receive the power of the Holy Spirit and fulfil the commandments of love (love God, love men). Because of grace, our heart receives grace and thankfulness, and our hearts grow more compassion towards all.


To have a life of living sacrifice is not how great faith a person has or what great things the person has done; it is when a person tests and approves his faith before God and men. It is not to see whether your faith is good or not, whether the conditions are bad or not, but to see that every good and bad has their good purpose and to be used by God, to tolerate and comfort brethrens; if you can let nothing condemn what you have prayed for, but only do everything considering that you cannot do exceeding what God has given you, that is the life of a living sacrifice meant for you today.

“Your Grace is Sufficient for me”

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect
When I am weak
All that I cling to
I lay at Your feet
Your grace is sufficient for me

I’m no longer striving
To merit Your love
I rest in Your promise to me
That all of my sins have
Been washed in Your blood
Your mercy is all that I need

You see me as righteous
Because of the blood
That made the atonement for me
Your mercy has triumphed
Where I should be judged
So now by Your grace I am free.


“The Law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more, so that, just as sin reigned, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”

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Being Faithful Today In the Lord’s Absolute Guidance, Is the Manifestation of God’s Power

Below is the video short clip of the last Sunday Message on 22Jan.

3D-rendering-of-a-cross-sitting--1God is with us in our daily lives, no matter how ordinary life we have, everyday having the same routine or how busy we are, God has never leave nor forsake us. In my daily life, I also lived in a very ordinary life, because of this ordinary, no matter what I do; I feel everything is the same and all alone. Often I felt that my daily life is nothing special, thinking I cannot get God’s blessings because of my slowness and weaknesses. I would think so is because I did not see God is working (love, protection, guidance) in my daily life and also put my wrong perspective in external things rather than spiritual matters within my heart, thus forgot the promise of the Lord today. Later, I found all my own perspective was wrong. No matter what I do, how ordinary I am living now, how quiet I am or still in the midst of weakness, God called me to remember His covenant He had made with me, to see every condition, movement, thoughts, people/things I have encounter that God values the most, because behind all these process has the purpose of the promise of God, therefore, my ordinary and insignificant has become the most dignified and important conditions. God’s fulfillment is not on a great person, not on someone who is eloquent or how popular the person is, but in a person who truly ‘know the promise of God’, and through ‘believing God’s promises’, all his lifetime are called to fulfill the Lord’s eternal plan for him. When I thought of God’s fulfilled promise, no matter I get up, lie down, even when I am weak, ‘God’s love’ and ‘to bless me’ promises has called me to be satisfied and glad in Him, and able to anticipate what God wants to fulfill in me. Then receive the strength from my heart, continue to be faithful today in the Lord’s absolute guidance and follow Him. One day, the Lord will surely prove His fulfilled promise and will not lost. Although the forces of darkness attack us always, but as long as we continue to confirm repeatedly in God’s promise (with the perspective of God’s truth in all things), our faith will grow, and God will give us the strength (battle) to face every challenges. Although we hear a lot of God’s word, sometime we may weak, fall and discourage again, but Pastor mentioned before that ‘a person cannot always have 100% faith, but able to have 100% God’s truth’. The truth will not change nor leave us, only we need to rooted the truth and become our fixed perspective, we will not be afraid or lose heart again, because we see God’s fulfilled promise today.

When we see (believe) the Lord’s fulfilled promises today, we will see every conditions, problems has God’s greatest plan (blessing), and every process we are going through are called us to be more equipped, from being ordinary brings for the purpose to great and unsearchable things ahead. When we continue to being faithful and follow God today, focus on God’s concern today, God will manifest His power (zealousness) unto us and He will put His new time table that continue to open to us.

I was very touched by the hymn ‘Day by Day’ when we sing on our last Sunday service. May we find strength and hope for each day that the Lord has promised to us.

I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accmplished <Mat 5:18>

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To Resolve in Christ is the Coming of God’s Power

Below is the video short clip of Sunday message on 15 Jan 2012.

There is God’s master plan in all holy people through His promises. When a person holds onto this plan, he will use God’s promise to see every condition, problem and situation, and all these are to bless him and through him, to bless all nations. But many people do not understand (disbelief) God’s promises, and also do not understand what God’s master plan is, therefore their spirit does not change, always thinking ‘what to do’ or ‘what to change themselves’ (conditions/situation), and then fall into worshipping idols with or without form. If a person has no God’s promise, all his conditions becomes nothing, but if there is God’s promise, all his conditions become the most precious/dignified. When we know God’s promise, although things or people on earth will change, but once we ‘resolve’ that God’s present (promise) has never changed, set lifetime direction (glorify God, benefit men and build kingdom), seek God’s perfect will in all things and see every of our conditions as God’s blessing and fulfilment. From then onwards, no matter what we experience, in spirit, family, friends or in church, our perspectives has changed, able to see all things having God’s truth and to live out His truth. At the same time when we resolve, our lives begin to receive more healing, because everything we are going through calls us to ‘confirm God’s promise’ (why my spirit is affected, why I am affected by the world, etc) and become a ‘fixed perspective’, then by fixed perspective, we will be able to battle with the forces of darkness. Although we are still in the healing process, but by ‘confirming’ and ‘fixing perspective’, we will realized it has slowly become a ‘blessed spiritual nature’, that will surely restore authority and power in all things, so that no matter where we go, God will open the doors of evangelism for us.


Through the message, I realized God’s master plan and a resolve heart is so important. Every Christian need to restore this plan. Without the restoration of God’s master plan, no matter what you do, where you go, whom you meet, what things you have encounter and how you serve in church, everything will becomes meaningless, dead and able to see how the Immanuel God is with you in every things. People tends to look at their conditions and situation they are in, and so do I. It is only when I started to understand God’s master plan, I am more able to resolve in Christ, to accept myself as source of all blessing and more able to confirm His promises in all things, because I see in all my conditions, even I have some stain in my past which unable to rub off/take off has all turn out into good purpose (has God’s plan), to be blessed and to bless. I also realized that when I start to resolve and confirm His words, the healing takes place. There are some things which most affected me, I am more able to rely on God, that is to confirm His promise again and again. This has leads my spirit to be more independent and focus in God’s factor and not men’s factor. I believe God is healing me now, learning to depend and focus on His unchanging promises, to follow Him no matter what may happens, to be filled by His Holy Spirit that enables me to receive the strength to face the battle on each day.

At the end of the day, I see how wonderful and amazing is God’s perfect plan, that can happen on a wretch person to receive such great love, mercy, grace and blessing from our Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing can compares to Jesus, nothing is greater than Jesus, nothing is more real than Jesus and nothing is above God’s master plan and His Immanuel. Even though Satan will still continue to attack me but I know God has already prepared the best for me. Smile

There is none like you.


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The Power of God Lies In Being Able to See Immanuel

Below is the Sunday Message short video clip on 8 Jan 2012.

God is always with us regardless of all our conditions, through believing His complete presence, all our conditions we see have become the sources of all blessing. Many people do not believe God’s complete presence, therefore humanistic/man-centred culture (ideals, motivations, pursuits) comes in and they cannot truly be blissful as they keep focusing on what they want to do. Despite in this humanistic culture, God came to seek out a few people that can understand the full presence of God which is the promises. They are those who will not be satisfy by earthly desire, able to recognize and hear the voice of God, these few people are called ‘The Remnants’ who are chosen by God. When the promises of God comes into the person heart, every conditions/situation he sees is the best that God gives, which has all His abundant graces, His good works and all becomes a great vessel to be use by God. The Lord Jesus Christ has already fulfilled His promises, therefore we should more value ourselves (identity), just like Joseph, Daniel, Peter, etc, they become who they are is because they believe God’s fulfilment of His promises. To enjoy God’s present, we need to always confirm His promises and in His presence has all His good works, fulfilment and eternal inheritance that awaits us. Let us break this man-centred culture, by restoring God’s present in our hearts and becomes God’s culture. When God’s culture arises in us, our life direction being firmed up, not easily distracted by our problems/conditions, our spirit will continue to enjoy the healing and equipped, thereafter, God will add grace of conditions onto us to bless the people. Although we are not complete in many areas, but as long we continue to understand and confirm God’s promises in all things, we will realized that in every process we take has the most beautiful and perfect time table (all in the midst of fulfilment) , and our spirits will start to enjoy the evidences of Immanuel in all things.


I Myself will gather the remnant of My flocks out of all t
he countries where I have driven them and will bring them back to their pasture, where they will be fruitful and increase in number. <Jeremiah 23:3>

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Gospel is the Power of God that Brings Salvation to Everyone Who Believes

Below is the video short clip of the Sunday message on 01 Jan 2012.

Blessed New Year to all of you!


In the beginning of the New Year, I do not know what God will do next but in my heart, I knew God will do immeasurable more than I ask or imagine. Although many unhappy things happened in the past, but God’s tender and loving voice never stop, He continues to reveal the fulfillment of His promises through our every experience, people we meet, times and messages we hear. But many times we always look at our conditions, weaknesses, inferiority and bad circumstances, thinking we are lousy and growing slowly, but God’s heart does not think in this way. The Lord Jesus Christ has already fulfilled His complete/perfect Immanuel, God said forgetting the things which are behind, actually what it meant is not asking us to forget the past, but to integrate our past in the promise and use them to glorify God, benefit men and build His kingdom; God has already prepared (Goal: Inheritance/eternal crown) for us. Therefore, the power of the Gospel is not to change our past or conditions, but through believing the promises of God and receive God’s power; not to feel pain of my bad past but to see blessing today are brought from the past, not to feel inferior of my bad conditions/slowness/failure but more value yourself because of who you are (called), not to feel lacking but to be contented (Jehovah provider), not to receive accusation by our weaknesses/sins but to receive God’s perfect love, forgiven and mercy. When you see within all these has God’s work and blessing, we will value our identity of how dignify in Jesus Christ, and greater fulfillment in our future. The attraction of the gospel will lead us turn back to God’s side, and see all see all our conditions and problems are actually ‘chosen’ by God and have purpose of His good works, which enable us to genuinely testify God and exalting God’s greatness. In the year of 2012, may we truly believe the promises of God, value yourself and value all, to clearly experience and enjoy the power of the gospel and that make men to be born again, healed and be sent. Thus, God will surely able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last,just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”
<Ro 1:16-17>

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Sunday Message on 01Jan’12

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听从主,如同主听从父 Obey the Lord, Just As the Lord Obeyed Father

This is the video short clip of our last Sunday Message on 20 Nov’11. 以下是11月20日的信息短片。

The Holy Spirit is all of God’s life and every perfect will, and receiving this Holy Spirit is receiving the heart of God and His voice. The Lord Jesus possessed Father God’s heart and received God’s perfect will, therefore in all things, He can have a "life that hears and follows (which is receiving God’s heart)", and this receives the greatest power. However our Father God loves Jesus Christ, He loves us just the same (heart of a child/assurance), therefore in this love, we can hear God’s voice (promise). When we truly believe God’s promises, the Lord’s voice is greater than all our wants, weaknesses, fear, accusations, conditions and powerless feeling, therefore we can follow Him in walking the road of the cross. In the days of following God, we must put down more of our own thoughts, turn to the Lord, hear the Lord’s voice, receive the heart the Lord has towards us, no matter what conditions / roles we have / are in, the life we live, we become more with the likeness of Jesus Christ (God’s attributes), and this is becoming one with the Lord.


I would like to introduce a new song below.

When you live in Jesus Christ, however much you need, God’s providence make up to you that much. However great your tribulations are, God’s grace will come to you as great. However much you understand God’s love, that is how much God’s compassion is. You receive how much of God’s love, how much of God’s mercy you will receive. Therefore, if you understand the heart of God, in any situation where there is still hope, in times of trouble, I can find reasons for joy. This understanding can not describe in any words. This mutual understanding is between a child and Father. To live like Jesus Christ, a life of a simple faith and obedience, enjoy unlimited Immanuel, power and glory of God. Hope you will receive God’s heart, know His heart, to hear and follow Him, just like our Lord Jesus Christ.

We fully belong to God, and He fully belong to us.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. ” <Jn 15:5>
















Sunday Message on 20Nov’11

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